Another sad day for freedom and justice in Venezuela

November 7, 2005

There is no question that this Government has no shame. It is no longer
a matter of whether you are pro-Chavez or not, you simply have to be
unconditional. Judge Maria Mercedes Prado, was handling the case of the
bombings of the Colombian and Spanish Embassies in February 2004.
According to the Government the case was “solved”, it was “clear cut”.
Despite this time went by and no evidence of any worth was presented to
the judge. Even President Chavez got involved in the case in his Sunday
variety show “Alo Presidente”, saying “we have the video that shows who
did it”. But the pro-Chavez judge disagreed. To her, there was little
evidence to charge anyone in the case. Thus, she told te Government
that she was going to rule on the case, saying there was no evidence to
convict any of the suspects.

Big mistake! Judge Prado was fired last week, precisely for not being
willing to rule as the Government and the Prosecutor’s office wanted.
She was mad, she was trying to hold a press conference
today to denounce in the press briefing room of the papalce of Justice
when Judge Belkis Cedeño ordered the electricity to be shut off and the
National Guard to expel the Judge from the Hall of Justice. In so doing
the guards assaulted reporters,
attempted to take their cameras away and kicked them out of the
building. As of today, the press room of the Hall Justice will be
eliminated and reporters will not be allowed in the Hall at al from now

Oh yes, they claim this a democracy! Justice and freedom of speech are
non-existence as the ochlocracy controls everything and has no clue
about what democratic values are. 

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