The verbosity hit the Fox: Chavez creates crisis with Mexico

November 9, 2005

Tonight as described blow by blow
by Daniel, who happened to be blogging live Chavez’ “cadena”
(Nationwide obligatory TV and radio transmission) , Hugo Chavez had less than kind words for Mexican President Vicente Fox, telling him among other things:

–“It saddens me to see you give yourself up like that to the US”
–“The Mexican President left bleeding thrugh his wounds”
–“How can the President of such brave people become a puppy of the empire”

Curious how Chavez’ words were posted immediately
in the MINCI site, suggesting this was not as improvised as it may
seem at first sight. You could say that Chavez’ verbal diarrea hit the Fox, as the
Mexican Foreign Minister took only minutes to call the Venezuelan Ambassador tot “explain”o his Government the statements by President Chavez against President Fox.

This will likely create a crisis between the two countries, which will
not be as easy for Chavez to get out of as others in the past. Only
last week he had a bitter exchange with Peruvian President Toledo who
told Chavez not tyo try to teach him about economics, because he was an
economist himslef and not to try to teach him about poverty, because he
grew up poor too. As usual, our President knows how to destroy for the
sake of destroying, in this case relations with the most important
Latin American economy and one of the most important Venezuelan tarding

Note added: To add insult to injury the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry today justified
Chavez’s insults against President Fox, saying that Fox was very
agressive against Chavez in Mar del Plata. Of course, Fox never
mentioned Chavez directly when he criticized the anti-Free Trade treaty
Group, but Chavez simply insulted Fox directly. This looks like the first chapter in
what could be a long and unnecessary fight!

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