The Prosecutor General at the edge of a nervous breakdown by Teodoro Petkoff

November 14, 2005

Teodoro Petkoff, founder of the Socialist Party (MAS) and Editor of Tal Cual, never signs the Editorials he writes, but given the personal attack by the Prosecutor General Isaias Rodriguez, yesterday’s Editorial did carry his signature:

The Prosecutor General at the edge of a nervous breakdown by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

The best
demonstration that Isaias Rodriguez, the Prosecutor General, has lost it and
should resign is given to us by the childish insult he sent me last week.
Leaving aside the tortuous manner of the offense-in which even a cardboard
psychiatrist like Geovanny Vasquez de Armas would find no major difficulties in finding dark
passages in the personality of Isaias Rodriguez with interesting evidence about
his sexual orientation, but that of course, is of no interest to anyone nor
pertains to the exercise of his position-, what really matters is that Isaias Rodríguez
does not have the stature to continue to hold the high investiture of Prosecutor
and Attorney General of the Republic.

Serious psychiatrists
have told me that Isaias is at the edge of a nervous breakdown.

On TV he
appears overwhelmed by stress and, for his health as well as for that of the
country, he should hand over the position.

The Prosecutor General’s office has handled the Danilo Anderson case
in a somewhat pitiful way. It has been a year of contradictory postures and
movements forward and backwards that have culminated with the presentation as
witness of a psychopath, whose identity the Prosecutor’s office – the nth
evidence of its incompetence- did not even take the precaution of verifying. .

Isaias Rodriguez is a public servant that can not consider
himself to be above criticism. Least of all when his handling of the case has
been tinted with errors and clumsiness that we do have a reason to complain

His frequent discourteous reactions, sliding
into the terrain of the most primitive personal attacks, speak of an inadmissible
intellectual indigence in a public servant that is in charge of a position as
demanding which is as that of Prosecutor and Attorney General of the Republic.

An emotionally disequilibrated person lacks the discretion
to run the public ministry

The only dignified path he has in the face of this is his resignation

Teodoro Petkoff

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