More species!

November 20, 2005

Yesterday one of the local orchid society’s had its meeting at the
Botanical Garden and held a “FEstival of Latin American Orchids” and
there was a very nice talk by Dr. Garcia Esquivel about some Latin
American species. I took the three orchids I posted last week and this
one above. On the left you can see what a nice bunch of flowers this
Catlleya Nobilior from Brazil has, there are six in flower and
three buds (two not shown). On the right a close up of one of the

This is not the time of year for Venezuela’s Cattleya
Lueddemanniana, but these two plants appear not to know this. Note how
much better the one on the left is. Dark lip, well shaped, flat petals.
There is even a hint of flaring on the petals. Love it!

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