A Chavista General goes to Court to protect his reputation

November 21, 2005

To add
fuel to the questioning of all of the actions and words by the Prosecutor General Isaias Rodríguez
in the Danilo Anderson case, today pro-Chavez General Jaime Escalante went
to the Supreme Court
to ask for an injunction against the Prosecutor
General, to stop him from damaging his honor, his reputation and his rights.

You see,
according to the Venezuelan
Constitution in Article 266
, high ranking military officers can not be tried unless
the Supreme Court reviews the evidence against them and decides whether there is sufficient
merit or not totake the officer to trial on the charges. Well, like so many things in the Danilo Anderson
process, the Prosecutor General Isaias Rodriguez, has done an abominable job. In
the case of General Escalante, he accused him and named him publicly of being involved in the Andetrson murder almost a
week ago, but has yet to file the case and provide any evidence with the Supreme Court to review
it and decide whether there is merit to the charges. In the meantime General
Escalante’s image and reputation has clearly been damaged by the accusation
that he did have something to do with the assassination of Anderson.

In fact
the whole case has been really strange, with the Prosecutor General giving almost
daily press conferences at which he reviews the case in public and says things
like: “I will accuse four people, one of which will surprise nobody”. Then last
Friday he said he would charge three more people, two of which were quite well
known. Or one of my favorites: “From the testimony of the star witness, I could
tell that 80% of what he was saying was true”. Jeez! 80% truth, anyone that lies 20%
of the time is very unreliable in my book, but I guess Isaias must regularly
meet with some really untrustworthy and seedy people if these are his standards!

He then
accuses the press of trying the case in public, while he is the one that daily
has come to talk about the case, answered questions from reporters about
whether so and so, may or not be involved in the case and has never explained
while certain leads have never been followed. I looked over the book by the Pablo
Medina on the Danilo Anderson case today and if half of what Medina
says is true, then
there are too many leads that have not been followed and too many
inconsitencies. It simply can not be
incompetence, it has to be either negligence or deceit. Take your pick,
either case Isaias Rodriguez is the man that has the mandate by the
Constitution to defend and uphold the law! There is no rule of law in
Venezuela as long as that man is in charge of the Prosecutor’s General

Can any of
the readers of this blog imagine if in any their respective countries a high ranking
General was charged with being involved in an assassination of a Government
official and a week goes by without a single piece of evidence presented by the prosecutors
accusing him in any court? Do you think that this General’s reputation can ever be
restored as long as this Government remains in power? Can this General’s military
career ever be resumed?

Such is the
state of the rule of law in Venezuela,
not even those close to the center of power are immune to being destroyed, if
someone decides to do so. And to think that some people actually think they
will never be affected by all of this and that there is some redeeming value about this
silly and random revolution.

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