A new Coat of Arms according to Tal Cual

November 25, 2005

Could not help but post this new version of Venezuela’s coat of arms
which accompanied today’s article by humorist Laureano Marquez in his
letter to Chavez’ daughter. You see, last Sunday in his Sunday program
Chavez said he was thinking of changing both the flag and the coat of
arms. The flag by adding an eighth star to symbolize Guyana (which
Venezuela claims half of) and the shield to change the horse, because
his daughter Rosines told him that the horse looked dull, so he wants a
more dynamic looking one, turning “left” (Chavez’ words)

In the article, Marquez first suggests a Golden Retreiver, but
later suggests why not a turtle, since Chavez had said she had a turtle
and in Marquez’ own words : “It would be emblematic of how slow we are
for everything”

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