Chavez’ Participatory Democracy at work, even threats no longer work

November 30, 2005

The letter
below is a symbol of the failure if Chavez’ much ballyhooed “participatory:
democracy, words that he tried to force into the final document at the Mar del
Plata Summit but was unable too. This letter was sent before the march two
weeks ago which was so sparsely populated by Chavez’ supporters. This despite
this so called “invitation” to “obligatorily”
participate in it. Those that still believe that Chavez is so popular should
come down to earth with this. Despite money, letters like this and threats, people
still did not go to this march. So, my dear fanatics, what is your explanation this
time around? This is the text of the letter from the Mayor’s office:

Directors, Heads of Department and Coordinators of Committees

The purpose
of this memo is to invite you, with obligatory character, to participate in the
march that will take place on Nov. 11 2005 which will leave Plaza Morelos at 8:30
AM and will reach the corner of San
Francisco. The motive is to show our solidarity with
the presence of President Hugo Chavez in the Summit
of the Americas in Mar de Plata, Argentina
and against imperialism.

Note that
all of the people thus invited were forced to sign as proof that they had seen
this cordial invitation by the fascist Mayor of Caracas.

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