The perverse and massive violation of the law and the rights of Venezuelans by the Government sponsored Maisanta software

December 1, 2005

This post contains material that is not new or even original. Both Alek Boyd and El Universal
have covered it. But it is quite different to read about the so called
Maisanta software than to use it. Today, a friend got me a copy of the
Maisanta software and database. After using it and playing with it for a
while; it is difficult to express the outrage I feel. This piece of
software and database demonstrates that we are living in a fascist state where the
rule of law is non existent and where people are being discriminated
against, blackmailed and their rights are being violated by those that
are supposed to defend them and the law. Those that insist in defending
this immoral administration should realize that all of this has no
possible defense. This is facsim at its best. The President of the CNE,
the Prosecutor, Chavez, The Vice-President and many others in
Government have cheated, persecuted an violated the rights of all
Venezuelans in a scale not seen since our last Dictatorship

To me this
implies that the following two Government officials, the President of
the Electoral Board Jorge Rodriguez on the left and the Prosecutor
General Isaias Rodriguez on the roght (no relation) should not only
resign, but be jailed and charged with massive violations of the rights
of Venezuelans and not following the laws, international treaties and
the Constitution:

same should be applied to Chavez, Vice-President Rangel, Governor
Diosdado Cabello and the members of the Supreme Court who have allowed
for the laws to be violated in such fashion, simply for their own
political gain.

While I was
shocked reading both Alek’s account and that of El Universal’s of this
program, the dirty feeling and uneasiness you get when using the
Maisanta software is truly remarkable. It all starts jokingly, people
telling you their ID numbers to “check them”, but very quickly turns
into a tense situation. The software is flawed, has information that is
incorrect, but additionally, it reveals people’s very personal
information from date of birth, to political preferences, to their
electoral history.

But I am getting
ahead of myself. The Maisanta software was first designed in May 2004
as a tool for Chavez’ campaign command to aid in getting the vote out.
But in doing so, the gross and obscene violation of the law and the
rights of the people implemented by these Government officials is
simply incredible and absolutely shocking.

The Maisanta
database includes every single registered voter in the country. I am
still trying to get the latest version, the one I obtained is from last
year, but the point is the same. It is likely the newest version
represents simply a deeper and more widespread violation of our rights.

The software
comes in a CD; you install it (3 Gbytes) and are ready to go. You don’t
know anyone that has it? Easy go to Plaza Bolivar in downtown Caracas
and for Bs. 3,000 or 4,000 you have your own copy. (The Chavistas
distributed over 35,000 of them last year for the recall vote and the
regional elections).

When it first
opens, you get the following window, for which I have used the ID
number of Isaias Rodriguez, our Prosecutor General, the man supposed to
uphold the law, but who has turned the other way on the face of this
very fascist tool:

From this, we
can have: his address, whether he signed or not to recall Chavez, his
date of birth, address (sometimes with telephone), as well as the
voting center that he uses. Additionally, he is “rated” as whether he
is a good voter or not, based on his recent activity as a voter.
Finally, the software is cross-referenced with whether the voter is a
member of two of the Government’s social missions, Mision Ribas, the
program to graduate people from high school in a short time, and
Vuelvan Caras, a “œscholarship” by which the Government gives people a
monthly stipend to participate in projects to work against poverty and
social exclusion

You may wonder
how I knew the ID number of the Prosecutor General? Easy, the software
has a very cumbersome sequential search tool that finds all of the
Isaias Rodriguez’ of the country, if by chance you did not know his ID
number. Imagine, if I was as unethical and immoral as them, I could,
for example, go check everyone with my last name in the country (all
related) and have a clear map of the political preferences in my family
tree. Is that perverse or what? Or think of people checking up in their
neighbors, co-workers and the like. I wonder how many articles of the Venezuelan Constitution are violated just by this fact. I counted eight, but really did not feel like counting further.

But note that in
the above window, there is a button that says “Listar cedulas de mi
Centro de votacion” (List ID numbers of my voting center). Press that
and you immediately get a list of everyone that votes in Isaias’ center
(who happen to be his neighbors) as shown partially here (I ahve degraded resolution on purpose so that names can not be read):

This window has
lots of information to discriminate, harass, classify and label people
near wher you live. You have the ID number, age, whether the person
signed petitions against the opposition, against Chavez, whether the
person is rated as “opposition”, abstainer and in columns not shown,
whether the person signed or not against Chavez and if his or her
signature were rejected or not. Then in the buttons below, you can
print, search, filter according to categories or simply click on the
button labeled “patriots”. Press that and you only see the true “Aryans” loyal to the process, those that signed against the
opposition. These are your revolutionary, fascist buddies, ready to die
or whatever for the revolution. In fact, if they are not on your side but they
participate in any of the misiones, you can threaten them with removal
of their meager perks, if they don’t want to follow orders. Cute,
immoral and perverse, no?

You can for example search for all people who are named Jorge Rodriguez
(below left) and find so many that you have to narrow the search (below
right) only to get 18 names if you are looking for the President of the
Electoral Board, with both last names Rodriguez and Gomez.
Conveniently, the address of the illustrious Jorge Rodriguez Gomez
(eigth from the top on the right farme), Head of the CNE, has been
removed to protect and respect his privacy. Remarkable and appropriate,

There are many
more functions to this fascist and perverse software. You can look at
all centers in the country. Your center. Look for last names
nationwide, in your center, in your state.

let’s look at the data it contains and where it came from. First of
all, it contains all of the data in the National Electoral Registry,
including addressesandf somes telephones. This is the same registry
that should have been handed over to all political parties by the CNE,
six months before the election but the CNE refused to do so and was
only turned over a couple of weeks ago without addressees “to protect
the privacy of the people”. But how did the Chavistas get this copy?
And they have received periodic updates too! And they turn it have
cross linked it with the database of the Government’s Misiones, which
should also be confidential, as well as the death registry turned over
by the identification office to the Electoral Board last year.
Additionally, it contains all of the recall petition information and
all of the recent election informations for each and every voter in

This simply
represents a massive violation of the rights of all Venezuelans, a
violation of the Constitution of the laws, a tool created for the
discrimination, persecution, repression as well as the blackmail of
those that receive aid from the Government (those “poorâ” that this
Government is supposed to care so much for), it indicates the absolute
neglect in the part of the Government in protecting the data of its
citizens and enforcing it and it clearly demonstrates that democracy
and respect of others are not part of the idiosyncrasy of this sad and
fake revolution. They have violated the very trust that they were given
by the people when they were elected.

This software
was coordinated way at the top. After the failure of Chavez’ command to
stop the petition for his recall he named his closest confidants,
Diosdado Cabello, Jose Vicente Rangel and Maripili Hernandez to the
Maisanta command. He held a swearing in ceremony on his nationwide
Sunday program. They are all responsible for this and will one day have
a day of reckoning.

any decent country with the rule of law, each and everyone of these
characters, fascists, liars, cheaters and abusers would be forced to
resign and be charged with crimes against the people, including the man
who is supposed to enforce the laws, the cynical Prosecutor Isaias
Rodriguez. Instead, they arrogantly come on TV daily defending what
they are doing in the face of perverse and fascist elements like the
Maisanta program, designed to persecute friend and foe alike.

(I really wanted
to convey the anger and disgust I felt using this program. This
represnts something that goes against the most basic feelings of
respect and humanity that I can think of. I felt like a voyeur capable
of peering into the lives of friends that were voluntarily given me
their ID numbers as a joke but had not realized all that could be
learned from it. In fact, until I sat down to write the post I did not
know how I was going to show any examples without violating someone’s
privacy. The examples shown, do not tell us anything new about these
cynical, sad and perverse characters of this stupid revolution)

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