Santa and the CIA by Laureano Marquez

December 17, 2005

Xmas, humor and  the revolution all in one:

Santa and
the CIA
by Laureano Marquez in Tal Cual

And you thought:
“no, those little Indians swallowed the tale that Santa Claus, the sleigh and
Rudolph with his lighted nose, the elves and the North Pole”. But with our
country you are screwed. Since seven years ago, we are always watching out for things
that come from you, terrorists! I know you don’t like to be told this
Brownfield (the US
Ambassador). But you have to take it, you terrorist, fascist, narcissist and
coup monger.

We know
clearly that Santa Claus is one of the most terrifying inventions of the North American
Central Intelligence Agency, which created the character by appropriating two
of the fundamental symbols of Marxism: the beard and the red color, to put it
at the service of the bourgeois and globalized capitalistic society.

It doesn’t
go unnoticed to us, now that Venezuela
belongs to all of us, that little ideological message that if one behaves well,
we will receive a present from the North.  A North which Santa maintains reducing to
exploitation the elves in the toy factories, no unions, no food tickets, not
much. They try to buy our minds and make us believe that ALCA is the only path,
instilling the mentality of salvage liberalism in the weak minds of little
kids. There is no doubt that the man named Santa is a blue eyed, red faced WASP
and that because of the cold weather, the truth is that the never revealed truth
is that the famous personality has given himself to drinking to be able to
overcome the contradictions derived by an existence marked by exploitation.

We also
know that the custom of going down the chimneys is a way of promoting an
invasion by the marines of our homes: If we allow one to come in, why not the other
ones. I don’t know if you follow me:” The marines are coming
to town”, it will be something normal. And what about Rudolph and his nose:
Perhaps preparation for the total satellite control of our telecommunications.

Citizens: Do not become overconfident. What
guarantee do we have that the Canadian pine trees that we observe in all corners
of the city do not have inside a missile whose final objective is the
Miraflores Presidential palace? Ah?

But it so
happens that they found the a fit for their own of shoes, because now Venezuela
is different and we have a Government that does not allow a drop of aggression by
Mr. Danger to go simplyby.

Venezuelans: The sole of the insolent Santa
Claus has trampled the sacred soil of the homeland.

Let us march
to the American Embassy on December 25th. and burn all of the Christmas red
hats that we find. Enough of the imperialist aggression! Enough
of Santa Claus! Long live President Chavez, the true Saint Nicholas of America and for
all, Happy Chavidad!

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