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This is not an April Fool’s post.

April 1, 2006

Almost two weeks ago, in his 249th Alo Presidente
when he heard, while on live TV, that the Viaduct had felt down, Chavez
minimized the impact of the news and stated the following

“El señor Viaducto se cayó.
Pues nos hizo un favor, nos ahorró el trabajo de tumbarlo

[Mr. Viaduct
felt down. It made us a favor, it saved us the work to demolish it]

Of course, regardless of what Mr.
President said in his Sunday show, the Viaduct had to be demolished.

So everything was settled for the Viaduct
to fall down TODAY. I guess that the day was chosen so that Mr. President would
say “mission accomplished” tomorrow in his Sunday show…¦my mistake, re-reading
the news I learned that the initial date was Thursday the 30th but
because the new cardinal was coming back to town, the government did not want
to have the Viaduct falling that day.

Anyways, the Viaduct is definitely anti-Chavez
and has a mind of its own, or was paid by the CIA

Guess what?

It did not fall!

Not enough dynamite..

Of course now that the whole thing failed,
there was supposed to be a preplanned second phase. According to the CAVIM (the
company in charge of the dynamite) president this was just a very successful “phase 1″! Funny that we
were not informed of the phases before. But we were dutifully informed instead
that very sophisticated earthquake equipment was going to be installed to
monitor and avoid any negative effects and exactly measure the speed and acceleration
of the “mass of earth”

BTW, isn’t it  the company in charge of the
explosives the same CAVIM company that produces the endogenous Zamorana
, that is supposed to be the first endogenous product of the Chavista
goverment? And isn’t  his president the one that said that his company, that
produces arms and explosives, had a “social objective”?

As my boss says sometimes, the advantage of
having a blog is that, regardless of our old age (particularly Miguel), we bloggers (and ghosts) get
a good memory.

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Jorge Arena
Amused Ghost Blogger.