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Spoken like a true autocrat

April 2, 2006

As if we did not know he is an autocrat, Hugo Chavez said this Sunday
that he suspected the opposition would not field a candidate in the
December Presidential elections. If that was the case, he said, and
then he will propose a change to the Constitution to allow for his
indefinite reelection.

This was spoken like a true autocrat with
no belief in democracy, rather than promotes more democracy, letís have
less! Why not count all the ballots, have a balanced CNE or make the
electoral system more transparent. Nah!

But what is even worse
is that he is saying he will be President for life, as none of his
followers can even aspire to become President. After all, there are no
primaries to select him and he has no plans for any, ever.

is nothing new, but it amazes me that statements like these do not
bother those that claim Hugo Chavez is a democrat. The aim of term
limits is to provide more democracy, not less. To prevent someone from
grabbing so much power that it is impossible to remove. To stop someone
form perpetuating him or herself in the position a la Castro or his
imitator, Hugo Chavez.

The National Geographic on Chavez

April 2, 2006

Reading the comments session (thanks Deanna) I realized
there was this article on President Chavez. Here is the link.
Read it and tell the National Geographic what do you think.

The complete url below, just in case: