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The wisdom of Isaias Rodriguez:

April 28, 2006

(Zapata on on the General Prosecutor: Could it be because I have different taste or because I am opposition that I don’t like the men that for the Government are so called “good looking”?)

The wisdom of Isaias Rodriguez:

“The murderer was about 26, good looking…”

Ummm, that really complicates the investigation now.

“I will fire whoever leaked the artist’s rendition of the suspect to the press”

Of course he has to be fired, if you release the drawings, the suspects may be caught; we like to keep them secret for their protection…

“90% of what I said was true”

I agree, he said five different things, four of which were not true and we don’t know about the other one, that’s just about 90% within Isaias’ logic”

“The media (muzzle) law applies to the media, not to me”

I see, the media can not broadcast everything including things that may be too strong (like sexual images) for kids, but they are supposed to broadcast him talking about those same things. Revolutionary logic is truly remarkable: The man responsible for upholding the law is above the law!


The fight against corruption and incompetence is nowhere to be seen

April 28, 2006

Corruption is so rampant in Venezuela that the SEC caught a US company paying PDVSA employees some US$ 348,000 in commissions. The company admitted that it had made the payments. Of course, nothing has been done on this end, because if someone were to be accused or fired the lid of the whole cesspool could become undone.

And speaking of corruption, how about the Cabinet’s lawyer Marisol Plaza who was fired while I was away. The reason? She gave a legal opinion two years ago that the infamous Bandagro bonds, which have never been recognized by any Venezuelan Government since they started floating around twenty years ago, were legitimate. This decision was later reversed, but is now the bases for a suit asking for the Government to pay US$ 1.3 billion for them. Reportedly, someone fed her the wrong information on purpose. Other say she was paid to give that opinion. If the Republic loses, will she just get a slap in the hand of fired for her incompetence

Diary of a Kamikaze by Laureano Marquez

April 28, 2006

Laureano Marquez makes fun of Chavez’ threat to burn the oil fields in today’s Tal Cual with his usual keen sense of humor:

Diary of a Kamikaze by Laureano Marquez

Day ONE: The invasion is imminent. Training begins tomorrow. The buddies have organized a farewell party.

The party was truly good.

We danced until late hours of the night and hit the drinks hard to prepare are souls for the destiny awaiting us.

The boss guaranteed that in the afterlife the party will continue and then we will have ten unopened bottles of 18 year old Scotch each. At the end of the meeting, Yefelson, John Fisyerald, Washinton Rodriguez and myself burned the US flag to get our attitude ready.

Day TWO: Today we did not go to training.

Day THREE: Today we took matters seriously.

We had a problem with the clothing because the co-op that makes the endogenous vests in which we were going to place the explosives stole the money and did not make them. The commander of the squadron says it does not matter that we can tie the sticks with masking tape directly on our bellies and we can put on a poncho from the Andes so as not to be noticed. The problem is that I have to do the El Palito refinery and I am not going to get into that heat bath with an Andean poncho on.

Day FOUR: The explosives technicians have yet to bring us the sticks. In any case, today we did a general practice run and we cut a number of brooms stocks, which we cut into little sticks to simulate the stuff. The feeling was truly uncomfortable.

Day FIVE: At last the explosives arrived (among them many Bin Ladens) withthe ponchos

Because the gringos should only find ashes we started burning the country with forest fires taking advantage of the heat wave.

Day SIX: Today we had a false alarm of the invasion because a pigeon activated the anti-aircraft system. We almost burned the oil fields.

Thanks God that most of us overslept and that for the few that did go, the explosives did not work.

Day SEVEN:The time is coming…they will bite the dust in defeat. The whole team is ready and operative, but we have had three days with no food in the camp. We did not meet today. If we get no food tomorrow, we are going to block the access to the oil wells and if they throw the Guard at us, we are going to use the explosives and apply to them the Plan “Leveled Earth”. I am starting to believe that the National Guard is controlled by the CIA.

Day EIGHT:Today they brought us hamburgers from McDonald’s. they were really good.

We are staring to think that even if they blow up the oil wells, the McDonald’s should remain standing. Since we had little else to do, after eating, we played sandlot baseball.

Day NINE: Since it does not look like the gringos will arrive today, we went to the river to make a fish stew. Just in case, we took all the equipment. The Governor of Miranda arrived in a surprise visit and Yefelson almost blew him up, because he thought he was a gringo with his blue eyes.

Thanks God he was eating and he does not let a plate of fish stew out of hid hands even for the homeland.

Day TEN: Today is the day. We went to the beach to wait for them. We were there until ten A.M. and they did not come. I think they are now afraid of us, because they saw us via satellite and they thought we were serious about the whole thing. I am glad we brought the dominoes and a cooler full of beers to kill time, which is also a gringo invention.

Financial Times reports Venezuela oil deal with Russia

April 28, 2006

And the beat goes on at the revolution as reported in today’s Financial
times (Of course, everything is fine at PDVSA and oil production is
booming according to the Government):

Venezuela buys Russian oil to avoid defaults

Venezuela, the world’s fifth-largest oil exporter, has struck a $2bn
deal to buy about 100,000 barrels a day of crude oil from Russia until
the end of the year.

Venezuela has been forced to turn to an outside source to avoid
defaulting on contracts with “clients” and “third parties” as it faces a
shortfall in production, according to a person familiar with the deal.
Venezuela could incur penalties if it fails to meet its supply

New CNE named

April 28, 2006

So we have a new Electoral Board (CNE) which at this times looks like three people that lean towards the Government and two that do not. I guess we could not have expected any different. However, I do not like at all that Tibisay Lucena is part of it. You can be for or against someone but that does not mean you will act according to what you are told, violate people’s rights and the law. Tibisay Lucena did all that in the last few years voting the party line at all times, she should not be there.I am glad Battaglini was not there. In my mind he was a perverse character, always operating in the shadows, but defending what he did at all times. He lobbied hard to repeat. Good Riddance.

Vicente Diaz, in theory one of the members who is not pro-Chavez, has already said the law should be fullfilled and all votes should be counted and the manual count contrasted with the electronic one. Good for him. I will not give the backgrounds of each member, I am sure you will find pages on that by the end of the day all over the place. Since I am an optimist, this CNE has to be better than the old one, at least two unethical people have been removed from it. However, I am not happy by the praise by the CNE’s new President German Yepez for the old CNE.