New CNE named

April 28, 2006

So we have a new Electoral Board (CNE) which at this times looks like three people that lean towards the Government and two that do not. I guess we could not have expected any different. However, I do not like at all that Tibisay Lucena is part of it. You can be for or against someone but that does not mean you will act according to what you are told, violate people’s rights and the law. Tibisay Lucena did all that in the last few years voting the party line at all times, she should not be there.I am glad Battaglini was not there. In my mind he was a perverse character, always operating in the shadows, but defending what he did at all times. He lobbied hard to repeat. Good Riddance.

Vicente Diaz, in theory one of the members who is not pro-Chavez, has already said the law should be fullfilled and all votes should be counted and the manual count contrasted with the electronic one. Good for him. I will not give the backgrounds of each member, I am sure you will find pages on that by the end of the day all over the place. Since I am an optimist, this CNE has to be better than the old one, at least two unethical people have been removed from it. However, I am not happy by the praise by the CNE’s new President German Yepez for the old CNE.

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