Investigative police contradicts General Prosecutor on priest’s death

April 26, 2006

After some
remarks at a press conference expressly held for that purpose yesterday by Venezuelan General Prosecutor Isaias
Rodriguez, giving out contradictory, premature and imprudent information about the
case of the priest found dead in a Hotel in Caracas, The Head of the Investigative
Police Marcos Chavez has
just given
a press conference totally discrediting Isaias Rodriguez, as if
this was possible.

The press
conference was held to announce the detention of the man who supposedly murdered
the priest, who was the secretary of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference. The
version of the investigative police is diametrically opposite to the sexual
innuendo and details contained in the General Prosecutor’s press conference yesterday,
despite Rodriguez’ assurances that he wanted to be very clear and all of the information
he was divulging had “been confirmed” and he was speaking out in order to stop
the “mediated matrix” that was being created by the media.

The Head
of the investigative police in contrast with Rodriguez said today that the main
theory at this time for the homicide was robbery by the suspect captured this
afternoon. Moreover, the same pharmaceutical product that the Prosecutor said
was “known to be used for sexual enhancement” was said by Marcos Chavez to have
been used to sedate the priest (Slight difference!). He also said that it was
the suspected murderer who checked into the hotel, while the Prosecutor General
said it was the priest himself.

again, we see the world of politics and lies in which this sad character of the
revolution lives in without shame. Isaias Rodriguez has done nothing but manipulate
and lie in his position, skirting the responsibilities imposed on him. He has
not been independent and has repeatedly gone after political cases, persecuting
his enemies and protecting the supporters of the revolution. This case will change
nothing; Rodriguez is safe in his position to abuse and violate the rights of
all Venezuelans, as he serves the immoral revolution without question in what
is supposed to be an independent power.

Just to prove the point, the Prosecutor General, once again, immediately sought an interview over the radio and said “that 90% of what he said was true” as if this was a mathematical game and not the search for the truth in enforcing the law. Ninety percent just does not cut it when you hold his position and publicly bickering, talking and discussing cases is totally inappropiate. Moreover, his main point yesterday was that the murder was being blamed on the crime wave sweeping the country, which was not the case, but the police today is ratifying the accusation by the church that it was a robbery.

yesterday, Rodriguez had said that he will try to prosecute potential
Presidential candidate Manuel Rosales, which was quickly dealt by Rosales today
: “ They are getting scared very quickly…the only elements to follow a
case against me is that I have defeated Chavez a few times and I will continue
defeating him”, making Rodriguez today’s main punching bag in Venezuela.


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