Caption contest in celebration of of one million page reads

April 26, 2006

This picture of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was taken during his Sunday reality/variety show “Alo Presidente” last Sunday which he transmitted from one of the headquarters of the Government’s popular market Mercal. It speaks for itself. I would like to open a contest, to thank all of my faithfull readers as I approach the one million page-read mark, for the best caption to the picture below which answers the question:

Why does Hugo Chavez have a bag of powdered milk on his head in the picture?

As Chief blogger, I appoint ghost blogger Jorge Arena as the judge for the best caption. The prize: Your choice of any book in the New York Times best seller non-fiction or fiction list.

While my entry is invalid, I start the contest with:

“It fell from the sky on his head and he did not even notice it.”

A picture named lechazo.jpg

(Note: This is not photoshopped, this is a real picture)

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