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A new black list exposes once again the indecent revolution

April 23, 2006

In any
reasonable society, institutions are there to preserve the rights of people,
uphold the Constitution and provide the framework for grievances and appeals.
Not in the Venezuelan “revolution” No sooner had I started reading
local news when I
that none other than the members of the Venezuelan National Assembly,
in cahoots with the current Electoral Board, have apparently conspired to
violate the Constitution as well as the rights of those that aspire to become
part of the new Electoral Board (CNE) being selected by that institution.

According to a COPEI representative, five of those nominated to be part of the
new CNE were explicitly asked why they had not voted in either the municipal or
the parliamentary elections in 2005. This is a clear violation of the law and
the secrecy surrounding the electoral processes in Venezuela, which guarantee that the
information is secret. But, in the absence of the rule of law, this new abuse
of power and violation of the law will obviously go unpunished as there are no
longer institutional checks and balances in Venezuela.

This obviously raises the question of whether the infamous “Maisanta”
or Chavez or Tascon database or list (see category on the left) has now been expanded, updated
and upgraded with the two most recent electoral processes that took place in
2005. This administration is very efficient only when it comes to perverse activities like this. There is also the possibility that this was a special “favor”
by the CNE authorities to the Assembly. In either case, this represents another
violation of the law and the rights of Venezuelans that aspire to be part of
the new Electoral Board.

In any decent country, those members of the Board of the CNE who reportedly
want to be ratified in their positions should simply be disqualified for allowing
this abuse to take place under their noses. But there is no decency in this obscene revolution. And this nw “black list” simply exposes, once again , the lack of respect for their fellow citizens that most members of the Chavez revolution and its institutions have.


Sort of back

April 23, 2006

I am back, except that the huge jetlag has been playing games with my life in such a way that I have not established a routine, let alone examine everything that happened during the trip. I was sort of connected, except that where I went Internet access was either very expensive or non-existent in a couple of cases, so I think I followed major events but want to bring myself up to date before saying much.

As usual I would like to thank Jorge Arena for allowing me to dump this responsibility on him and his time. Many things happened during the month that had to be covered and he did in the splendid manner we have become accustomed to.

As to the matter of whether a section on tomatoes should be included in my blog, which was the subject of discussion in my absence, I would suggest that rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and start something on that very difficult subject, they read and participate in the excellent blog which deals mostly with tomatoes Dad’s Tomato Garden Journal

As to where I was, I visited three wonderfull and exciting countries, concentrating most of my time on a single one of them. As they say, a picture(or a few) is (are) worth 10,000 words.