The wisdom of Isaias Rodriguez:

April 28, 2006

(Zapata on on the General Prosecutor: Could it be because I have different taste or because I am opposition that I don’t like the men that for the Government are so called “good looking”?)

The wisdom of Isaias Rodriguez:

“The murderer was about 26, good looking…”

Ummm, that really complicates the investigation now.

“I will fire whoever leaked the artist’s rendition of the suspect to the press”

Of course he has to be fired, if you release the drawings, the suspects may be caught; we like to keep them secret for their protection…

“90% of what I said was true”

I agree, he said five different things, four of which were not true and we don’t know about the other one, that’s just about 90% within Isaias’ logic”

“The media (muzzle) law applies to the media, not to me”

I see, the media can not broadcast everything including things that may be too strong (like sexual images) for kids, but they are supposed to broadcast him talking about those same things. Revolutionary logic is truly remarkable: The man responsible for upholding the law is above the law!

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