We all lose all! By Claudio Nazoa

April 29, 2006

Claudio Nazoa is a humorist, but this week, he changed his tune and wrote a serious article:

We all
lose all!
By Claudio Nazoa

Could I
live like the Cubans do in their land, without any privilege to aspire to, like
owning a home, a car or simply accessing the Internet/

article is dedicated to all Venezuelans without which side they are on being of
importance, thus I ask that you please red it carefully, specialty those people
that for any motive back the Government.

God will allow the hand of providence to illuminate me and allow the ides to
flow clearly, precisely and removed of prejudices and hate.

I will
never forget the scene in The Last Emperor in which the monarch, already old
and turned into a gardener by the Chinese cultural revolution, sees a group of
prisoners dressed in gray go by him with a sign hanging from their neck in which
you could read the crime committed by each. Crimes like believing in a
different religion, owning books different than the red book, kissing in public
or owning a typewriter. Anything that was not adoring Mao Tse-tung was a
sufficient reason to be jailed and publicly humiliated.

In the movie, the emperor turns his face timidly towards a mob of
fanatics that were scolding and hitting the unfortunate that were tied up. Imagine
his surprise when he recognized among those detained the main henchman from the
time he was jailed, humiliated and removed of the minimal rights that a human
being may have.

The couple of seconds that the Exchange of looks between the last emperor and
his old tortured henchman takes could take place soon between Venezuelans if we
donít unite, not against the Government, but in favor of ourselves.

I would like that in an act of objectivity and sincerity the people that back
the Government meditate seriously what is happening. The call is for those that
are homes that own a small farm, a beach house or an apartment through their
own work and effort.

The call is for the workers that have good jobs in serious companies,
for the farm workers that work with responsible bosses and for some
intellectuals and artists that in good faith back the Government. Be sincere
with yourself, ask yourself the following question and answer it intimately without
commenting it with anyone: Could you live like Cubans do in their land, without
any form of privilege, like aspiring to won a home, a car or simply have access
to the Internet?

Revolutions donít forgive, remember what happen to the actors of the French
one, donít forget Stalin, Pol Pot in Cambodia,
Kim Il Sung in North Korea,
Mao Tse Tung and his wife in China,
the Ceausescu couple in Rumania,
all of those criminals assassinated more people than Hitler. Revolutions are
like black widows, spiders that kill their consort alter they use it to

Those that persecute today will also be persecuted. Those that suck up
and squeal tomorrow will call us to tell us they did not know what was

We are still on time. The first thing is not to be indifferent to the
attacks that others suffer. Do not give up or lose your enthusiasm. Donít shut
up. Donít be afraid. Think that we have had a country that committed many
errors and many shameless people governed us but it was a country where we all
fit, or not?

On the personal side, coming from the left, I always worked with the Governments
of Accion Democratic and COPEI. They never asked me if I had voted for their candidates
or if I had signed against them. It was a time of adversaries but not of

All of those that today exclude others and plan hate in the cultural area lived
very well during the horrendous years of Accion Democratica and COPEI: they
bought homes, their cars, they traveled representing Venezuela and sent their
kids on Government scholarships to study abroad, some even worked as cultural
representatives at the embassies.

There is little time, but there is still time. Letís not lie to
ourselves, it is difficult, but we can still do something.

A small light has shined. Most of the opposition parties are united. Maybe
it is not what many people wanted. But when the Titanic was sinking did the people
that were about to drown mind if the boat in which they were going to save themselves
was white, green or pink? I think it is time to back ourselves. Letís forget
the nonsense of abstention

Letís go back to the streets with optimism, faith and without fear, because if
not we will all lose all!…Even them, when they fall in disgrace and are no longer

Think about it, so that what happened to the Last
Emperor does not happen to us.

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