Some Venezuelan Electoral Oddities

December 2, 2006

(Elecciones3D)Some strange things about the candidate in tomorrow’s elections:

—While people only talk about Rosales and Chavez, a total of 22 candidates registered to run. Of these seven withdrew and one, Benjamin Rausseo “Er Conde” was the only one to file so that any vote for him will go to somebody else (Rosales). It was actually his party that did this.

—All candidates were backed by one part, except for Rosales and Chavez. Rosales was backed by 41 parties while Chavez was backed by 25. You can vote for any of those parties, the difference is that parties that do not get above a certain number of votes will have to gather signatures again to be a valid party. I think the process has to be made tougher.

—Candidate Jesus Caldera Infante quit and said that his votes would go for Rosales, except that he said it on Nov. 30th. and the deadline was Nov. 23d. so that votes for him will go to nobody. This proves how unqualified he was to run if he can’t keep a simple date in mind.

—The most original name by a candidate was that of Venezuela Da Silva. The first woman to register to run, she could have exploited her name well: “Vote for Venezuela”, but she did not. She was backed by a party called Nuevo Orden Social (NOS), which means new Social order. Venezuela did little campaigning, but the one time I saw her she said she supported President Chavez, which makes me wonder why she ran at all.

—The most clever name for a political party has to go to that of candidate Luis Reyez, whose party is called J.O.V.E.N which according to him stands for Juventud Organizada de Venezuela. JOVEN means young and Juventud Youth, I just wonder why the empahsis on youth since Reyes is around 50 years old based on his ID number.

—If you add the pages of ads for both Rosales and Chavez, their cost alone exceeded the small amount allowed by the CNE of Bs. 16 billion (less than US$ 8 million). On top of that Chavez outspent Rosales by 18 to 1 on pages and appeared on TV 15 times more than Rosales, demonstrating what a joke the CNE is when it wants to look the other way.

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