A picture is worth 10,000 words #7: Violent Deaths

December 11, 2006

This post is dedicated to the People’s Ombudsman German Mundarain, who has never said anything about violent deaths in Venezuela, but was capable of criticizing Provea’s human rights report today saying: “It is a report of perception, it is not a report from a “direct” source” and then he added “it goes counter current with what most Venezuelans think…63% identified themselves with the President”. Mr. Mundarain is one of the saddest characters of this revolution, claiming to be there defending the people, but all he does is defend Hugo Chavez. Yes, maybe 63% identified themselves with Hugo Chavez, but the 15,000 killed last year, can’t even have an opinion, but Mundarain has never even expressed his concern about those that died under his tenure as Human Rights’s and People’s defender. More than in recent wars and civil wars that whole countries are outraged at. Shame on him!

Violent Deaths for the last nine years taken from the Proeva report the People’s Ombudsman referred to today. Violent Deaths is the sum of Homicides, deaths under investigation and deaths in confrontations with police.

One Response to “A picture is worth 10,000 words #7: Violent Deaths”

  1. […] is triple of what it was in 1998 before Hugo Chavez rose to power. At the time, All of Venezuela had less than 9,000 deaths from homicidesĀ  a year, now Caracas alone is slated to have half as many, while the country is going towards […]

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