Good news from bizarro Venezuela: Development bank to open office in Bamako

December 12, 2006

In one of the strangest pieces of news to come out of Venezuela, the President of development bank Bandes, Edgar Hernandez Behrens announced that the bank will open an office in Bamako. For those of geographically impaired, Bamako is the capital of Mali in Africa. Hernandez Behrens said that a commission had traveled to that country and would open the office to give that country a US$ 10 million line of credit.

It was unclear why a Venezuelan Government Development bank is so interested in Mali and Hernandez Behrens never explained it (because its poor?)

Bandes’ foray into Mali development comes after its recent incursion in Argentina, via a loan to milk cooperative SanCor. I wonder if any of the Bandes people have visited Venezuela recently.

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