Towards a communicational hegemony in Venezuela (or how to stop free speech without really saying it)

January 8, 2007

So today we started the day with the statements by the President of Government sponsored TV channel Telesur and former Minister of Communications Andres Izarra where he justifies the idea that the President can decide to shut down media at will:

“A Court? They can go to a Court and appeal. That is a decision by the President, fully…That is totally valid and why not?”

Of course, no mention is made of the independent institutions which regulate the media and are supposed to independently decide on such matters. Or the laws which regulate such matters. The autocrat rules Venezuela like a King; he is the Law, quoting an infamous French king.

But, of course, it is all fully justified, because “what we propose is to go towards a communicational and informational hegemony of the state. To build a hegemony in the Gramcsian sense”

Later, Izarra tries to get out of what this proposal means, but Gramcsi, besides being a Communist, clearly spelled out that the purpose of that hegemony was to dominate and even eliminate the other side and the opinion of others. Hegemony is not what he defines later as building the means to convince, it is building the system to dominate the other side, not only by “convincing”, but also by overwhelming the media and squashing opponents. A sort of democratic totalitarism or some screwed up, mixed-up concept like that-An oxymoron if I ever saw one.

In closing, Izarra justifies his own personal violation of the law on the day of the election by saying that Reuters (which is not a TV station or Venezuelan based or regulated) and some Spanish media (press and ditto) violated the law the day of the election. Thus, criminal acts by others justify your own acts in the perverse and totalitarian logic of this Goebbelian strategist of the fake revolution.

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