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April 2, 2007

I started this blog in August 2002. When I did, blogs were a new
phenomenon and I had no clue where this was going to take me, so I took an old
Windows desktop and launched this adventure into uncertain lands. Given that
the desktop was at the time already over three years old, it has really lasted longer than anyone
had a right to expect, over seven years, especially since I knew the disk drive was not in great
shape a few months ago. Then, last Friday the machine died and I found myself
in trouble. Trouble, because the backup was three weeks old and the way my
software works, the posts reside in my machine and are upstreamed to the server
and synchronized.

This weekend I tried a few things with the help of my brother, but no
luck. This morning I took it to the IT department of the company where I work
and voilŠ, data was recovered and here I am back in the air!

Which only goes to show that this stuff is too simply hard, since I
consider myself somewhat of a geeky type in terms of software and hardware,
even if I am willing to take any piece of equipment apart too fast. But I find
that I spend increasing amounts of time on fixing PC problems, both software
and hardware. In fact, I recently switched to a MacBook to make my life easier,
but installed Windows in it, which I need for work-related reasons. Well,
guess what? The Windows part stopped working a couple of weeks ago and I had to spend more time
bringing up the system back up than it took me to get it all started with the Mac.
(In fact, I am not there yet, despite spending considerable time on it)

All I can say is that the Mac has been absolutely much easier than
Windows, but somehow people have a basic resistance to changing, because they
think it will be hard like their windows machine. It isnít, it is much easier,
even if there are still some quirks that take time to get over. If you are
thinking of switching but are afraid, just do it!

And the blog is back!