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Judge in Lapi case valiantly speaks out

April 14, 2007

Judge Alcy Viñales, the one that freed the 29 people accused
of helping former Governor Lapi escape form jail, valiantly
spoke up yesterday
, not only challenging the Government to prove she is
corrupt, which she was accused of by the Minister of Justice, but also turning
around and accusing that she was pressured to rule a different way and naming
the person.

Judge Viñales said that the day before her ruling she
received a phone call from the President of the Judicial Circuit Dario Suarez,
who told her that she should know what she had to do, that the order was to
keep these people jailed. She added: “I knew what was coming when I made my
sentence public. My decision did not satisfy any of the sides, I did not qualify
the detention as flagrant, because there were no punishable facts, nor elements
for conviction. The only person who was denied the right for a defense and was
exposed to public scorn was I.  I
challenge the President, the Minister of Justice and the Head of the National
Assembly to prove I am corrupt” demanded Viñales. She added that her decision
did not please the prosecutors nor the defense.