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Venezuela sued by Human Rights Court

April 26, 2007

The Inter American Commission on Human Rights sued
the Venezuelan Government
for the first time in history for failing to meet
the recommendations made by that Commission as well as violating the fundamental
rights of reporters and workers with RCTV.

You see, that Court had warned the Venezuelan Government of
not attacking the reporters of RCT as well as asking for the prosecution of
anyone doing so.

This is a suit under international law, accusing the
Venezuelan Government of violating fundaments human rights of free speech.

Of course, Foreign
and his
President of the National Assembly, called this Court a spokesman for
the opposition and claimed no rights are being violated, since they could not
recognize one if they saw it.

April 26, 2007

Teodoro Petkoff was talking
the other day about the fact that he knew actor Yanis Chimaras, who at one time was a member of Petkoff´s party Movimiento al Socislismo and who was killed
the other day in an apparent robbery. He was clearly quite offended by the
words of Minister of Interior and Justice Carreño, as shown in this Editorial

Chimaras and Carreño
Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

When you hear the
statements of Pedro Carreño, Minister, for now, of Interior and Justice, about
the beastly assassination of Yanis Chimaras, one can not but ask how long we
have to go before we touch the bottom of this ravine through which we have been
falling through in the last few years. Carreño said that it was suspicious the
coincided of this crime against Yanis and the one that took place a week
earlier against the leader of the motorcycle organization. Both, note Carreño,
were militants of the “process”, thus, always according to the sage Minister,
one could suspect that some sectors of the opposition could be behind both

This manipulation is pure

As big as that of some of
the “reporters” of one of the TV channels of officialdom that
tried-unsuccessfully by the way- to get out of Lucy, Yanis’ wife, a statement
against RCTV. To use in such a crude, inhuman and clumsy way Yanis’ political
militancy, particularly in moments of so much sorrow for his family, colleagues
and friends, slating the case and insinuating, against all evidences, the
possibility of a political crime, which could be attributed generically to the
“opposition” (besides trying to use the unfortunate circumstance to attack
RCTV) happens to be a thru monstrosity, a total loss of the sense of

From this tribune we want
to call to reflection the main actors of this outrageous behavior. The country
is sufficiently and unfortunately polarized so as to try to take advantage of
hurtful circumstances-in this case, the death of a dear and popular actor-which
generate unanimous reactions of affliction and solidarity among Venezuelans and
artificially accentuate with it, the political differences, powering hate among
fellow countrymen. We know well that in this matter nobody should throw the
first stone, but the responsibility of people in Government in trying to
prevent that we reach aberrant levels of dividing victims of tragedies between
“our dead” and “the others”, is much larger than that of any other sector

A Minister has no right to
speak the way in which Pedro Carreño did.

When a society reaches the
point of being indifferent in the face of these conducts it is because the
deaths of “the others”, specially the tragic an unexpected ones, have been
trivialized in such a way that they can be employed, with a shrug of the
shoulders, as a threatening weapon against those that think differently. The
political evolution of the country cannot be rules by the premise that in this
terrain “anything is valid”. Not everything can be valid, no matter how rough
that political controversy in itself may be. Even for war there are conditions
established by the Geneva Convention; not even in war everything is valid. In
politics, even with more reason, there are limits that should never breached
because of the danger that, as Mahatma Gandhi said, with an everyday policy of
an eye for an eye, one day we will all be blind.

La Ley de la Selva

April 26, 2007

Cesar Marin, Amnesty International’s representative in Venezuela said today at a local conference that there are 1,000 deaths everyday in the world caused by gunshots. Venezuela, with 0.3% of the population has 4.4% of these deaths. It is estimated that there are five times more handguns than the 1.5 million that are formally registered.

La Ley de la Selva…