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April 6, 2007

As if accusing 29 people of conspiring to aid former
Governor Lapi escape from jail was not ridiculous enough, Minister of the
Interior and Justice Pedro Carreño, said today that he
would apply “all of the weight of the law” to the judge who freed the 29 people
jailed because of lack of evidence.

Minister Carreño appears to think he is the law, but he is
not. He is the man that pays the salaries of the Courts and coordinates the
judicial system but it is the Courts who impart the law, who in the end are
really the law and the Prosecutor’s office is supposed to enforce the existing
laws. But Carreño, of “the CIA is spying on us via the Direct TV set top boxes”
fame, has no clue how the Government functions and thinks he is the law. Of
course, the poor judge that ruled there was no evidence will now feel the full
effects of the autocracy, her career will be destroyed and they will suggest
she is opposition, despite the fact that Chavismo has loaded the Courts with
the faithful.

That is the travesty that justice has become in this country
under Chavez, that even the absurd massive indictment of everyone who was
working at the jail where former Governor Lapi escaped from are indicted “just
in case”, but even a pro-Chavez judge knows how stupid the whole thing is and
rules against them, which unleashes the ire of the autocracy.

When you think you´ve heard it all from the revolution…