Chronicle of a No vote in the Venezuelan referendum

December 2, 2007

I went around and there are some small lines left, not worth taking pictures of them. Then I decided to go and vote at 2 PM, the time when reportedly the stduents were planning to go out. Below, the chronicle of my vote:

There were five lines, fairly crowded as I got there, uneven, but roughly 40 people ahreadd of everyone in eachg line. On the left an overview of the school where I vote, on the right the people waiting in line.
It started raining, so they moved us under the roof which made it seemed more crowded. On the right the infamous fingerprint system.

On the left: Gotcha!                                On the right, the schoolroom where I voted, noted the lady on the right voting, the ballot box also on the right. The lady on the right explained the process to each voter.
On the left the screen before I had chosen by vote. On the right a picture of my ballot. I can prove I voted NO on both blocks.

Finally, the terrible indelible ink on my finger. Yuk!

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