For now… by Elides J. Rojas

December 19, 2007

Elides Rojas of El Universal has a very acid sense of humor which is probably why I like what he writes and was willing to translate today´s piece by him, which was not easy. Enjoy!

For now… by Elides J. Rojas L. in El Universal

nine years each triumph was followed by a celebration march. And
another one a year later to celebrate the triumph from the previous
year. And tons of rallies to celebrate the anniversary of the February
coup, disguised as a gesture for freedom. And the march of the march
for the march on the birthday of the first triumph in 1998. And the
party of the party for the party to commemorate the triumph of the
legitimacy. The year that we eliminated Frijolito I. The year we maimed
Frijolito II. The year we crushed Frijolito III. In 2007, tatarata,
tatarata, tatata the bugle sounds, the super victory of dignity. The
triumph of courage. The year in which even Chavez became opposition.

is the beginning of the era in which votes don’t count. What counts now
is courage and dignity, as Fidel Castro usually tells Cubans, in the
middle of a historic famine that sells it as a triumph to people used
to living in the best of defeats. Suffering and with hunger, but with
revolutionary dignity. Way to go!

usual, a fiery speech. Theatrical thunder. I am glad I did not hear the
King talking to me. If I had heard him who knows what may have
happened. We did not win. We did not lose. We simply reedited the for
now of the day that we staged the coup, that we betrayed our oath, that
we used the weapons against our own people and to finish off that
illustrious epic, it fell on me the honor of surrendering with glory,
dignity and with our moral at the highest level. They all know by now
that I am impressionable. Mi favorite Minister said it, that
philologist lent to the arms. For now there will be no milk, nor eggs,
nor cheese. For now there is no meat, tuna and sardines. For now there
are gas and gasoline shortages. For now we have plenty of crime and
criminals. For now enjoy the sucking up, so as not to use the dignified
language of the revolution. There are no losers here. For now get up
real early and stand in line at the exchange control office CADIVI to
gather the scraps of dollars that we hand over to the unconscious,
immature and treacherous people. For now, the large bundles travel in
suitcases and in airplanes to other dignified valiant people. For now,
you bunch of ungrateful people; it is not that we are going to reform
the Constitution to take away your cars and apartments. What we are
going to do is to increase interest rates until the revolutionary moral
and dignity drowns you and you lose even the last capitalist junk you
own. You are stupid and bon vivants. All you do is ask. Missions, easy
university degrees, students scholarships, trips to the Caracas
marches, free t-shirts and caps, 150 thousand Bolívars per march.
People don’t know what they have until they lose it, you bunch of
ignorant fools. For now, go to the Mega mercales, Mercal and little
Mercales. For now, you pack of immature people; I will have to leave
in 2013. Please don’t cry or stamp your feet. I am leaving. You lost;
you bunch of lazy people, vagabonds. For now, tighten that spirit

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