Chavez finally signs Amnesty decree

December 31, 2007

So, we are getting the “soft” and “lovable” Chavez now. After his “humanitarian” effort in Colombia looks like is failing, Chavez signs an Amnesty Bill that he had refused to consider as recently as last Christmas, when it would have been more appropriate for people like Henry Vivas and Lazaro Forero so that they could spend that time with their families. I wonder if the decree implies that PDVSA will return its lifetime savings and severance pay to its former workers, since none of them were ever even tried and PDVSA confiscated their property illegally. The list for the Amnesty cases decreed is here.

As General Uson suggested yesterday, Chavez does not change, this is probably part of his new strategy to regain popularity by being more gentle and human, let’s see how long it lasts. In any case, he needs to start running the country and so far, none of his moves imply that. Meanwhile, I obviously welcome the decision as the rights of so many had been violated by the travesty that is the Bolivarian revolution. It is indeed a belated Christmas present for those involved that have suffered so much because of the whims of the autocrat.

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