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A cynical Hugo Chavez tries to defend the undefendible

January 11, 2008

Chavez now wants to have countries in Europe and the Americas to remove the FARC and the ELN from their terrorist lists. At the same time, Chavez did not and has not called for an immediate release of all of the hostages of the FARC as a goodwill gesture and has never asked or negotiated for the release or help in the release of Venezuelans who are in the hands of the FARC.

Is there something wrong with this “humanitarian” picture?

But let’s see what released hostage Clara Rojas had to say today about her captivity and treatment. Recall she was the press secretary of the candidate for Vice President of Colombia, so she can truly say her political career was aborted, if not destroyed by this “humanitarian” group which Chavez wants to have recognized as a political force in Colombia. Said Rojas:

The former hostage said that to make the desist from the idae of escaping the guerrilas would show them animals in the camps that were in the jungle.

“They would scare us with tarantulas and snakes and would tells us stories of people that had been lost in the jungle, she said.

Rojas indicated that their attempt to esacpe was not the only one and that many hostages of the FARC also tried to escape.

After being recaptured, the guerrilla would punish their hostages with chains. They would put chains on us, first for fifteen days and later only at night, she pointed out. “

How nice and human, no? Maybe they should be in the tortures lists also.

What a bunch of BS from Hugo Chavez the cynic.