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Maletagate heats up, next target: Argentinean officials

January 28, 2008

The Maletagate case gets more interesting by the minute as Moises Maionica’s guilty plea appears ready to open a can of worms for the Venezuelan Government and apparently, the Argentinean one will not be that far behind.

First of all, Maionica must have a lot of interesting and significant information as he has been offered an S visa in exchange for his guilty plea. I confess I had never heard of such a visa, but from its description, it must not be used unless the witness can provide extremely useful and interesting information for the US Government on the case. Thus, Maionica must have offered a wealth of interesting stuff, given that now he will be unable to return to hi home country. And one has to wonder whether the others accused in the case will soon follow Maionica’s steps. According to the immigration website:

S visa issued to persons who assist US law enforcement to investigate
and prosecute crimes and terrorist activities such as money laundering
and organized crime.”

On top of it, the US Attorney General has to approve it.

Reportedly, the Prosecutor in the case has not revealed all his cards and may have recordings between some of those indicted and the Argentinean Consulate in Miami, which can only create more problems to both Governments as the recording will be made public some point and the total denial they have so far used may become a laughing stock. Additionally, Guido Antonini, who carried the suitcase with the US$ 800,000 into Argentina is ready to testify on his meetings with some of the same members of the Argentinean Consulate caught on tape talking to the other defendants on the case.

Finally, the Venezuelan Government has made many denials, but has yet to say anything about the man at large, Canchica, who is reportedly and active military officer and member of the intelligence police, but nobody has been able to locate , amidst rumors he is in Cuba.