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Amazing, mostly hybrids!!!

January 13, 2008

There is not much flowering, but something always surprises me, it has been cooler than ususal in Caracas which will genertae flowering in the next couple of months. Below, some of my new hybrids have begun flowering.

Top left: A nice Brazilian Cattelya Walkeriana semi-alba, the lips is exquisite, this is the first flowering. On theright there is also a firts flowering of a Blc. Mem. Anne Ramone, nice flares, shape is so so.

Top left another first flowering of Slc. Fire dance, lovely flowers with lots of texture. On the right a bunch of Oncidium Alohi grew in the middle of the leaves of another plant, making a nice contrast.

These are Slc. Gold Digger, I have about eight plants of this hybrid. It grows so much that I had to start moving them out of the orchid room and placing them between plants so the sun would not burn them. As you can see, they grow like weeds in Caracas weather. Right now all of them are in flower making quite a spectacle in my terrace,