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Chavez continues to provoke Colombian Government by meddling with that country’s affairs

January 16, 2008

By now, it would seem as President Hugo Chavez, acting irresponsibly and in absurd fashion is simply trying to pick a fight with Colombia. After suggesting that the FARC should be taken off the terrorist list and refusing to recognize that he is  involving himself in matters which are sovereign to a nation, Chavez accused the Colombian Government of plotting with the US against him. Using claims that those that love in Venezuela are quite used to, Chavez said he had videos and tapes of meetings between the US and Colombia where such plotting took place. Of course, this non-existent “proof” is never seen much like the weapons of those that attempted so many times to kill him using bazookas that seemed to repeat and high power rifles that look oxidized.

But Chavez has to vent his frustration with his failure as President of Venezuela. Not only has he failed in making life better for the people of this country, bu he has failed to convince the people to follow his lead into XXIst. Century Socialism or to be their President indefinitely. Thus. instead of worrying about solving the problems that he has failed to solve for the last ten years, he has spent the month and a half since his loss in the referendum traveling and trying to sove Colombia’s problems as if they were his while treating the terrorist group FARC as buddies and making them out to be the good guys.

Thus, the man who can not make peace with his own people now claims Colombia does not want peace and discusses the FARC on equal footing with Colombia’s politicians and legal military forces, forgetting the horror and the terror with which the FARC have treated the innocent citizens of that country.

And it is as if Chavez not only wanted to pick a fight with Colombia, with one affront after the other and truly medling in that country’s affairs. Chavez is provoking Colombia and it seems as if he is using this as a distraction, but at the same time he wants to escalate the distraction into an irreversible conflict with that country.

Tonight the Colombian Government forcibly asked Chavez to show more respect for it and to stop meddling, as he is confusing cooperation with meddling. Unfortunately Chavez is unlikely to stay quiet and understand that he has violated the boundaries of what is proper. This is likely to lead to a break in diplomatic relations, which are already quite strained and who knows into what adventure the thoughtless autocrat wants to take the Venezuelan people, thinking that it will make us forget or ignore the problems that he ahs failed to solve in the last nine years, despite the biggest windfall in the country’s history