A morning in the life of shortages…

February 17, 2008

Went out this morning like every Sunday to get the papers and a few things needed at home:

–At the first bakery, there was coffee but no milk, had it black. Bought bread even if it’s not my favorite, you never know if that other one will have it later. There was no cheese and the owner said he could not sell me any flour, it’s in short supply.

–First supermarket. There is no flour, no Coca Cola, no milk. there are eggs, only one type of cheese, not my favorite.

–Second bakery has no bread, no flour, didn’t even ask about my “marroncito”

–Second supermarket has some Coca Cola, no milk, no cheese, no flour.

–Third supermarket had the cheese, still no flour. Time to go home.

Thanks God I get El Nacional at home, for some reason, maybe unrelated to shortages, you could not get it at the stands as they did not receive it, which also happened yesterday.

Of course, for the Government this is all virtual, invented by the media…

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