Help guide to understanding what is happening in revolutionary Venezuela

February 19, 2008

On Hoarding:

Samuel Ruh, President of the Consumer Protection Agency: “Anyone holding inventory of more than three days, is hoarding”

Ramon Carrizalez, Vice-President of Venezuela: “It is false that if inventories are more than 4 days it will be considered hoarding”

Plans for an oil boycott of the US:

Hugo Chavez #1, President of Venezuela: “I will stop sending oil to the US if Venezuelan assets are frozen”

Hugo Chavez #2
, President of Venezuela a week later: “We don’t have plans to stop sending oil to the US”

On the unanimous expulsion
of Deputy Tascon from Chavez’ party PSUV:

Jorge Rodriguez
, former Vice-President of Venezuela: “Deputy Luis Tascon was expelled from PSUV in a unanimous decision”

Carlos Escarra, Deputy of the National Assembly: “There is still no decision to expel Tascon from the party, what there was, was a proposal to expel him”

Iris Varela, Deputy of the National Assembly: “How can yo expel someone from a party that has yet to be formed?”

On hoarding by the Polar Group of companies:

Hugo Chavez (#1 or #2, you choose): The Polar Group of companies has been surprised hoarding a few times”

Polar Group of companies::”We have been the subject of 70 inspections in the last four months all over the country, and in each case we have demonstrated the normalcy of the operations of the company”

All very clear, no?

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