Some Australian tropicool Dendrobiums and some species

February 24, 2008

About two years ago, I bought some Australian “tropicool” Dendrobiums from Duno Orchids in flasks and some plants. Only oe of them had flowered, but all of a sudden I have five in bloom and I love them! Below three of them:

On the left above De. Burgundy Cream x Dendrobium Aussie Quest. On the right Dendrobium Danang

On the left Dendrobium Brinawa Charm x Dendrobium Vivid. On the right, Cattleya Lueddemanniana (Maruja x Pto. Cruz), a sort of funny shaped on really spread out and the back sepal sort of leaning back.

Above a firts bloom of Cattleya Jenmanii Gerd x Claudia, I thought this plant was not doing well and look at thos beauties! Coerulea Jenmaniis seldo ahve a great shape. Very delicate!

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