The infinite ability of the revovolution to innovate: If you can’t control imports, why not exports?

February 25, 2008

And in the latest of economic innovation, just when the Government has started waving the “Certificate of Internal Insufficiency” as a prerequisite for allowing something to be imported in order to reduce shortages, today the geniuses at the Feeding and Finance Ministry created its “anti-particle” certificate and now if you want to export you will have to provide a “Certificate of Internal Sufficiency” for all food exports.

The certificate will apply to a long list of articles, but what caught my attention is that cocoa is in the list. You see, during the last ten years Venezuelan cocoa has established itself abroad as the top quality cocoa in the world, in spite of the Government’s policies. Now, cocoa producers will have to get this permit before they can export. I certainly hope the rules are not as silly as when you want to import something, whereby every time you import an item you have to get the permit for insufficient production, which makes the whole thing a real hassle.

Of course, think about the profit possibilities for Government officials. For a small fee, I may grant you a permit to export that special coffee or sorry buddy, you can’t export that great bull (Venezuela needs all the bull it can get) and sell it abroad, unless…

You get the picture…

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