Pro Chavez groups take over Archbishops Palace, threaten media

February 28, 2008

Today, a group of Chavez’ supporters took over the Archbishop’s Palace where Cardinal Urosa lives and other than having notoriety, it is unclear why they picked that target, as the group spoke mostly about defending socialism and the revolution, explaining that this was a “peaceful” takeover.

Of course, once again we see the discrimination between opposition and pro-Government groups as the police was nowhere to be seen. Recall in November how the police and the National Guard repressed the truly peaceful student march to the Electoral Board, when they tried to chain themselves to the stairs. The cops and guards, used tear gas and hit students violently, while today the Chavista groups were allowed to roam freely and even were able to kick the workers of the Archbishop’s Palace out of it, while the invaders held court for the media.

And then, staunch Chavez supporter Lina Ron showed up and you can see the video with her words here:

If you don’t understand Spanish, Ron is saying that they only accept Chavez as the leader of Venezuela and she repeatedly threatened TV station Globovision, telling it to shut up and lower its profile or they would take whatever action they deemed necessary. They demanded from the Minister of the Interior and Justice that he stop raiding the areas where the group that placed the bomb at Fedecamaras lives and instead he go and raid the areas where the oligarchs live. She even accused some parts of the Government to jointly organizing the raids, calling on the telecom and media regulator Conatel to act against the media outlet.

She called the man that died trying to plant the bomb on Sunday a “martyr” of the Chavez revolution, comparing him to assassinated prosecutor Danilo Anderson. Ron said that bombing Globovision would be a personal decision for any revolutionary. Curiously, there were organized protests tonight in front of there Globovision headquarters.

It is not clear what the precise objective of these actions is. While it would seem to be an attempt to gain support for the Government shutting down Globovision, these anarchist (and yes terrorist!) acts would not seem to benefit the Government much at this point in time, when the people are blaming Chavez for the everyday problems they are facing. It would seem as if the Government has allowed all these groups to be armed and roam around the city at will and now it can’t reign them in. As crime and shortages are hitting the people daily, these type of unnerving and confrontational actions by pro-Chavez groups, would seem to be the last thing the Government needs at this time.

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