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The brainless cheerleaders of revolution try a silly and baseless spin on the Betancourt rescue

July 6, 2008

It has been an amazing few days as the brainless
cheerleaders of revolution attempt a ridiculously silly spin on the liberation
of the hostages by Colombian authorities. Silly and brainless because in attempting
to construct an alternative story to the rescue, they only who how heartless
and insensitive they are, despite claims to the contrary.But even worse, the spin is just baseless, another fantasy of their febrile revolutionary fervor.

Even the chief faker Hugo Chavez did not even attempt to
create a spin. He did not even hide his true thoughts when
he stated that news of the rescue “left him cold
” (better than saying he
almost had a heart attack), clearly expressing the sentiment of loss he must
have had when he heard it, as he wasted a year of this life on his failed
project, allowing Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to destroy the FARC in the
process. (Just think, the Colombian military painted the helicopter with the
same colors used by Chavez in earlier attempts and releases of hostages!)

And while he later expressed his happiness at Betancourt
being liberated, it came too late for a President and a Government always ready
to issue a quick press release and an opinion about subjects that are not directly of
their concern in an immediate fashion and without having all the facts in.

But his cheerleaders did not follow the party line off the
bat, daring to give opinions without any relevant information or basis. First
of all, there was the theory of the US$ 20 million first raised by a Venezuelan
“analyst” Luis Brito Garcia who is more of a commentator full of himself who
loves to see his image on television speaking on issues he knows little or
nothing about. According
to this wizard with no information
, the Colombian Government “interfered”
with the release of the hostages by the FARC to two people on a humanitarian

Never mind that 15 people were supposedly release to only
two negotiators. Never mind that except for this analyst, nobody seemed to know about this
release. Never mind that the FARC has not released many hostages even to his
buddy Hugo Chavez, and we are supposed to believe that a couple of guys just
arrived in the country a couple of days earlier would get the grand gesture of
the largest hostage release in history, including the precious hostage, Ingrid
Betancourt, that the FARC said in its internal messages they did not want to
release because of her strategic value.

But suppose for a minute that the US$ 20 million story is
true. We would first have to ask why the FARC would “sell” the hostages for
such a small amount, when Master Hugo would have certainly paid more. But more
importantlyÑ is that what “revolutionary” forces do these days? Kidnap for
ransom and forget the revolution_ Is this what we are supposed to follow and
admire? What’s the money for? Retirement in Iran?

And who paid the money? Who negotiated? Why has the FARC
said nothing about this part? In the past, the FARC has reacted swiftly and
quickly to admit or deny news via websites and their own sources. So far, there
has simply been total silence from them.

But more importantly, there is the testimony of Betancourt
herself, no Uribe fan, saying
that there is no way
this was a release that the Colombian authorities
interfered with, the tension was there in the transfer, her long term guard,
thrown on the floor of the helicopter, punched without mercy after being fooled
by the set up.

guys spoke
even before the Colombian authorities showed the video with the
hostages tied up, tense, strain on their faces as they were moved once again
from place to place. By now, it is the length of the video they question, as if
the Colombian authorities would show the faces of the military involved, so
that a cruel and bloodless guerrilla group could go after them in revenge.

And then here is the touch of the camera crew, looking like
a Telesur team, something the FARC has gotten used to in many cases, including the
now infamous long live Marulanda speech upon his death, staged and taped by Chavez’ Telesur
apparently somewhere in Venezuela.

Then came that despicable character Mario Silva in his
offensive TV program La Hojilla, a lowlife if there has ever been one, expressing
no joy whatsoever at the liberation of Betancourt
, instead calling her
selfish for not thanking Chavez for his efforts.

Which she did anyway, but maybe Mr. Silva has not noticed
that it was Uribe that rescued Betancourt and that Chavez’ efforts yielded
little in the almost ten months he has been involved in the case. Moreover, it
is also clear hat the FARC toyed with Chavez, leading him to believe he would
achieve something but all the time hiding information from him.  And if there is someone that deserved a
selfish moment was Betancourt, held against her will for years, three of which
she spent chained with the same irons carried by his guard Cesar in his
backpack as he was overtaken in the helicopter.

How could he not travel with that most useful tool of
perversity and human misery? But none of this seemed to have been noticed by
Silva, who would likely not survive with dignity the same fate as Ingrid
Betancourt, if he were kidnapped and mistreated in similar fashion.

Whether you believe them or not, the Reyes computers did say that
the FARC did not want to release Betancourt, their most valuable trading chip
in their gutless game of terror, murder and drug trafficking.And all the acts of the FARC confirm this idea.

But perhaps the most despicable
was that of Ecuadorian President Correa when he said the FARC
kept making Uribe look good with their failures. To Correa apparently, the
release of the hostages, innocent people kidnapped, chained and tortured
against their will for years, is something to be proud of and admire. To him
the wholesale violation of human rights by the FARC is something to praise and
defend and romanticize, saying Che Guevara would be ashamed of them.

But maybe Correa and the other sycophants have forgotten
that only 15 of the hostages were released, with thousands still in the hands
of the FARC. And with the release of the hostages, came bad news of some of
them who were thought to be alive in the hands of the FARC but were callously
murdered by Correa’s sentimental friends.

No case is more dramatic in terms of sheer perversity by the
FARC captors that
a sergeant of the Colombian military named
 Luis Hernando Peña Bonilla .  Thought to be alive, it turns out that he started having
mental problems during his captivity, which led to his captors to chain him, which
only made his mental state worse. 
And then these emblematic figures of the idiotic Latin American left
decided that there was a simple solution, so they shot him dead.

Just because…

Nice people, no?

Of course, the idiotic theories and statements by these
useful and brainless idiots are chorused by the international mindless left
alliance, who in their ignorance and from the comfort of their cushiony lives,
hail the FARC, criticize Uribe and parrot the illogical, unsupported and silly
theories, which in the end would simply show what a revolutionary farce the
FARC have become.

Because they are trying to turn a moment of joy, a victory
for what makes us human, a time for reflection and hope, into a political defeat,
which does not exist for Colombian President Uribe. Uribe set the course long
ago for his strategy and he is getting results, which 90% of Colombians, who
elected him, support. It was indeed a victory for him; he took a huge gamble on
his political future and won. But it was not an improvised one. It was one more
step in a professionally executed strategy, which has been bearing fruit for
years and has been even magnified by Chavez’ naiveté and improvisation in
meddling in the case.

Because in the end, the FARC could have released the
hostages too many times if they really meant it. They still can, but so far
they haven’t done it. This proves once again that the whole thing has to be
resolved the way it is being solved and that the embarrassing vote of the
Venezuelan National Assembly criticizing the release of
the hostages via a military operation
, simply demonstrates not only how
much time they have in their hands that they can consider this, but how
primitive their understanding of the whole situation still is.

But in the end, winners and losers are simply irrelevant
when there are human beings and lives at stake. What is important is that
fortunately, the fifteen hostages were released. That these people can attempt
now to go back to their regular lives, accompanied by their ghosts and their
nightmares. They can be human beings again or at least try, a right that nobody can take away
from them. But perhaps they will not feel that sense of relief, tranquility and
humanity again, until they know that not a single person is still in the hands
of the FARC.

Sadly and shamelessly for those that still praise the FARC,
that moment still seems too far away.

As Ingrid Betancourt is freed, a victory for some, a defeat for others, but in the end a victory for civilized behavior

July 6, 2008

This post was generously placed by Daniel in his blog when I was unable to post remotely during my travels. I thought the release of Ingrid Betancourt was too significant to skip without a post.

As Ingrid Betancourt is
freed today, Alvaro Uribe scores a huge victory and Hugo Chavez loses big,
as his bid to gain worldwide fame, helps Colombia defeat the FARC and the
most symbolic hostage is out. This puts the FARC in a corner, where it
makes no sense anymore to hold the remainder hostages and their decades old
terrorists war, which turned into drug trafficking and kidnapping to
support the effort, is over.

While the news is great, as long held
Betancourt is finally freed in good health, it throws some uncertainty over
the remainder hostages, as the former Presidential candidate represented
the most visible hostage the world was ready to fight for. Thus, there will
be a period of uncertainty for the remainder people suffering the horror of
years in captivity, treated badly and without good medical care.

Its already been hours since the surprising rescue by the Colombian
Government and there has been no reaction by the Venezuelan Government.
Perhaps Chavez is calling Cuba to map out a strategy for his response,
perhaps he is depressed, but is certainly a bad day for him. The Venezuelan
President tried to play a high stakes game, the way he has tied with us in
the last ten years, but he had a more formidable opponent, used to playing
tough and they actually used him to raise the communications levels among
the FARC commanders and in the end Uribe got the upper hand on both the
FARC and the Venezuelan President.

French President Sarkozy is
another winner as he made the liberation a point of honor and made the
media and his country focus on it.

But most of all, it is a great
day for Ingrid Betancourt, the three American hostages and the eleven
Colombian hostages who may now attempt to escape the horror they have lived
through and regain some semblance of their lives.

The world also
has to learn from recent events, not to sympathize with terrorists, not to
defend them. Uribe was painted as the bad guy too many times in his fight
to return peace to his country, while the FARC kidnapped and traded drugs
to survive. The terrorist criminals of the FARC should be given one last
chance by the world to give up the remainder hostages and return to
civilian life. If they dont, the world should back the Colombian

It is not a matter of ideology, it is simply a
defense of humanity and peoples rights.