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The more things change, the more they stay the same in Venezuela

July 14, 2008

–No sooner had President Chavez met with Colombian
President Uribe, that his diplomatic abilities gave him away when he
called Colombia’s Minister of Defense Santos “a sharpshooter”, telling the
Petrocaribe conference that he had asked Uribe to “place Santos in his place”.
Then Chavez really went into hyperbolic mode, when he said “if he were my Minister
I would have removed him by now”. This from a man that has never removed a
Minister for anything they have done wrong, including corruption, stupidity and
incompetence. He always removes them without criticism so as to count with
their future allegiance.And most of them do return…

–And the Government took a step to fixing the problem of
the large number of kidnappings in the last few months…the man in charge of kidnappings
at the investigative police, was
fired for actually telling the world the real number
of kidnappings that
had taken place in the country last month. This same strategy has been very successful
in the health area where statistics have improved significantly since they
stopped disseminating them.

–And President Hugo Chavez called for the judicial
system to be revised
and asked that decisions be speeded up…but wait, wasn’t
it Hugo Chavez that “overhauled” the judicial system in 2000? Hasn’t he been
President for ten years? What do we need to revise?The things he did? What he
implemented that only made things worse? Could it be that he and his comrades
don’t know ho to run a country?…Just a thought.

–And Venezuela’s are rejoicing today, as we
finally managed to score
a victory in the Miss Universe contest, after a 12
year hiatus, as Dayana Mendoza won the crown beating Colombia’s representative
(Take that Alvaro!) Which only goes to show that Venezuela has fantastic
plastic surgeons. And they are back!

Grammatophyllum Scriptum

July 14, 2008

A year ago I thought this plant of Grammatophyllum Scriptum was going to die as it started losing leaves and turning brown. I moved it more into the sun, much brighter light and then I started using a fertilizer with Magnesium and Calcium that seemd to do the trick.

It has 8 shoots, each with 50-54 flowers, you can see all eight on the top two pictures. In the bottom two pictures a close up of the individual flowers.