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Hugo Chavez and the FARC: A video exhibit

July 15, 2008

During the last week, the PSFhere has managed to send quite a number of messages blasting me for daring to suggest that Hugo Chavez has had a relationship or supports the FARC. What is most remarkable about it is how indirect it has been, either by emails or comments somewhere else, not one comment here.

What amazes me is the topics, of the myriad of sometimes gray and subtle subjects where you can bicker here or there, to pick on this particular topic is to me simply amazing.

Thus, without further ado, here is my message to the PSFriends who are naïve enough to still believe that Chavez’ support of the FARC is simply a campaign by the oligarchic, capitalistic media that despises them:

–“The FARC and the ELN are not terrorist, they are armies, true armies. They occupy a a space and they have to be recognized”:

–“I said yesterday, friends of Latin America and the world, enough of war in Colombia…the imperialists want war in Colombia…it is time for the Government to recognize the guerrilla as a political actor…the line that the empire against guerrillas is extermination…Colombian Government: recognize the political status of FARC, because as long as you say they are terrorists, you can’t find peace.

“They classify them as drug traffickers and guerrillas…I ask that we recognize them as insurgent forces and not like terrorist forces. And I ask the Governments of the world to do so”;

Minute of silence for FARC terrorist Raul Reyes requested for the comrade, second of the FARC the day after he died. Chavez dedicated program to the attack on Reyes’ camp, Chavez said that he had met Reyes in clandestine fashion, calling Reyes paying tribute to a” true revolutionary”. That same day Chavez ordered troops to move against Colombia because Colombia had attacked the FARC camp in Ecuador. And broke relations with Colombia over that attack on another country

Chavez’ reaction to anti-Farc demonstrations in Colombia: “Venezuela does not have a border with Colombia but with the FARC. The FARC has its own laws and they apply them and fulfill them. Colombia is governed by the most bloody oligarchy”:

Colombia is a terrorits state, let’s move ten batallions owards its borders.

Reyes’s computer saying they have met with Chavez’ generals to discuss, finances, weapons and politics. Venezuelan General Alcala offers a place to have more discussions. Venezuela will send 20 bazookas.

16th. Anniversary of the coup he staged: “we love Colombia, part of the original country, children of the same father and mother. Colombia is at war, there is an official armed forces and a revolutionary armed forces who have spent 60 years controlling a large part of the Colombian territory. Ecuador limits in the North with the FARC . Venezuela limits with the insurgent forces of Colombia. A good number of the people in the hands of the FARC are prisoners of war, not hostages.”:

Venezuelan Ambassador to Colombia speaking against the Colombian one in that territory:

Revista Semana and Venezuela’s General Hugo Carvajal who is quite close to the FARC:

Video on FARC’s Marulanda death, professionally made and edited, Venezuelan uniforms, seems to be taped twice. Reporter claims it was made in Venezuela by Chavez’ Telesur.

Terrorist rayl Reyes visited Venezuela’s Presidential palace

Venezuelan Minister of Interior and Justice Rodriguez Chacin calls guerrillas comrades and tells them to keep up their fight

Marulanda’s letter to all FARC members telling them to take refuge in Venezuela, as Chavez will protect them

Former FARC guerrilla saying Venezuela buying AK-47’s for the FARC

Farc terrorist Ivan Marquez visits Hugo Chavez at Presidential Palace

Documents by General Gonzalez Gonzalez when he was an active member of the military reporting on the many location and activities of the FARC in Venzuela.In this document he suggested solution
s which were never implemented.