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The Discourse of Hate by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

July 21, 2008

The Discourse of Hate
by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

I the Supreme maintains his provocative, excluding and
polarizing speech. The November elections are driving him crazy; he is feeling
the earth move under him, because besides the Governorships and City Halls that
his political adversaries may win, in eleven other regions, splinters from his
own branch threaten to put a damper on his party. That is why he insists in
trying to get dividends out of polarization. In his reality show “Alo
Presidente” yesterday, taking advantage of a dialogue with a young high school
student, he once again referred to the students that have stuck their goats in
his corral as “kids of mommy and daddy”, “machined by the empire”. You can tell
his brain is drying out. It is an already oxidized discourse, the repetition of
the same stupidities which by now smell of naphthalene, taken out of the trunk
of ideological antiques, that pretend to continue dividing Venezuelans into
good ones and bad ones, the goods ones the ones that support him, the bad ones
the ones that oppose him.

What worked in the first few years of his mandate, today
sounds like an old tango. There are no ideas but only clichés. It is just
Chavez with his usual pestering. The typical speech of someone that wants to be
seen as the reincarnation of justice, of truth and even of history, that wants
to seat in the chair of the accused everyone that dissents from Him, but
qualified not as a political adversary-with all of the rights to be in
disagreement with the Government- but nothing more than as enemies of Justice,
the truth, Simon Bolivar, of Ezequiel Zamora, of Sucre, of Marx, of Mao, of
Fidel Castro, all of those that have reincarnated in Him, the Supreme bullshit
talker of the country. It is the same Manichaeism of Bush and of all
fundamentalists, they look as alike as two drops of water. If you are not with
me, you are against me. If you don’t back me, leave the country; go away, as
was sung in a “revolutionary” hip-hop by a young lady that participated in the
same show. Those that are not in agreement with the Government, are not
Venezuelans, have no right to live in this land; it is better for them to
leave. That young lady was repeating the same perverse speech of I The Supreme.
That is the “revolutionary training” which that miserable speech gives the
naturally malleable minds of the adolescents and infants placed under the
influence of the unique thinking.

It is a rotten and
anti-Venezuelan discourse, the negation of any value of solidarity and humanism
that I the Supreme extols out of his mouth out. That is his true self.
The other one, the one that allows different ways of thinking, has no
identity, it does not exist. To top it all off, Chavez complained that the
young high school students were not delivering a “forceful answer” to the
puppets of the Empire. What is a “forceful answer”? That of the marble that
killed the student in Merida?
Does this irresponsible man realize that the kids that are listening may
understand that as a call to combat, a call to the physical attack against
other kids? The truth is that Chavez can make even Job lose his patience.