A robolutionary tragicomedy of lies and deceit by the Venezuelan Government in three or more acts

August 26, 2008

Act One: Tal
Cual reports
on August 19th. that the Government will submit a
new Telecommunications Law to the National Assembly.  The draft cited by Tal Cual gives Hugo Chavez the power to
suspend all “telecommunications transmissions”, whenever the stability of the
Nation is at risk. This is contained in Article 11, of the “Final Dispositions”
of the draft.

Act Two: Deputy Manuel Villalba of Chavez’ PSUV party and to
top it all off, President of the Media committee of the Venezuelan National
Assembly, appears in
and denies not only the content, but even the existence of such
a draft.  Using the Chavista
language that we have grown accustomed to he says that those that promote such
news items like El Universal, El Nacional and Tal Cual “are trying to destabilize
the country, playing with fear and are disrespecting the intelligence of the
Venezuelan people”

But then there is the last and conclusive act:

Act Three: Minister of Telecommunications Socorro Hernandez
on the TV channel used to promote only Chavez paid by the taxpayers VTV, comes on and says that
the Bill does indeed exist and it will be submitted to the National assembly,
but “the versions that have circulated around (in the press) are drafts, but
are not the definitive version…”

Thus, Minister Hernandez is admitting that the drafts of the
Bill have contained articles allowing the President to cut off all information
to the Venezuelan population whenever he feels like it, i.e. allowing total

And here comes the hilarious part, the Minister says: “ the
law will be submitted to public consultation and I don’t think there are reasons for people to be anxious

I guess the poor Minister must have been on vacation or at
the Olympics and missed the 26 Bills approved by her almighty boss, without consultation
and allowing unconstitutional actions as well as laws that contain articles rejected by the Venezuelan people in a
democratic referendum in December 2007

But it is sufficient to see how the matter has been handled
with the 26 Bills, the secrecy with which it has been handled, the President of
the relevant committee of the National Assembly did not know about it, to be
not anxious, but extremely anxious about the future of Venezuela’s
telecommunications as well as its democracy democracy.

Because when Governments lie, hide information and use all
forms of deceit it is because they are trying something that you know is either
illegal or violates international treaties. In the case of the Chavez Government
we have seen this over and over again.

These people should realize that one day, they will have to
pay for their crimes. Or steal a lot of money to live in exile. 

And that my friends, will be Act Four.

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