Maletagate case to be covered here in Spanish and English

August 30, 2008

I am still amazed at the absence in the local media, other than Noticiero Digital and blogs, of any mention of the document introduced by the Miami Prosecutor in the Maletagate trial. Amazed, because the document compromises two acting Governors who are Chavistas, at least two former Ministers of the Chavez administration as well as one of the most visible candidates in the upcoming regional elections, former Minister of Education Aristobulo Isturiz, the PSUV candidate to the Alcaldia Mayor of Caracas.

Amazed that such a significant case, involving such prominent figures can pass under the table. The amounts mentioned in the document that I linked to in my previous article from the case are simply staggering, not in the millions of dollars, but in the hundreds of millions of dollars. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Besides the silence of the press, there is of course no investigation of the charges locally by either the Prosecutor’s office or the National Assembly. Such is the level of immorality and indecency that Venezuelan politics has reached today.

I will be reporting on the case and will attempt, as time allows it, to translate all of the posts into Spanish and place them in the Spanish section of the blog El Excremento del Diablo. I will compile all of the posts in English in this section  and will provide a link in each article to the corresponding post in Spanish.

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