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The Miami Venezuelan Maletagate trial part XIII: The defense calls a friendly and unethical witness to help Duran

October 9, 2008

It sort of gets tiring writing about Venezuela. Everything
has become so bizarre, a parody of a country and life. Yesterday it was our
parody of Maxwell Smart and the Government’s accusations of Guido Antonini
being a CIA/FBI agent. Today, it is the defense
calling on Duran’s buddy,
which seems like calling Al Capone’s second in command to vouch for him in
Court. The whole thing is sort of like watching the debate or the parody of the
debate of a certain vice-presidential candidate, after a while you can’t
distinguish between the real thing and the parody.

You see, Duran’s defense called on his buddy to testify that
In Venezuela having an intelligence identity card is normal. That to get ahead
you have to use influences. At least that was his view of the world. According
to the view of the world of this friend of Duran, who owns the duty free stores
at the country’s airports (a bad signal in itself, Maiquetia airport has been remodelled almost every year of the last 30):

“To do deals with the Government you need contacts.. a good part
of businessman and the Venezuelan population have civilian intelligence and National
Guard identifications as a way of protecting yourself, among other reasons”

He claims to have had them since 1994, which somehow in his
ethical mind makes it ok. You know, once a thief always a thief or something
like that in this guy’s very peculiar view of the world.

And to prove his bona fide credentials, he testified that
Duran asked him to contact the Tax Superintendent to see if he could provide
the appropriate documents to justify the cash in the suitcase.

Wait! I am confused! I thought this was all CIA? Or was it
FBI? You mean the cash was real?

I guess the only thing missing was for this witness, whose
best credential was his friendship with Duran and his funny dealings with the
Venezuelan Government, to say that he also carried suitcases full of cash

He may have, but he could not admit it, he is a US citizen
after all.

Which proves that the robolution is fairly open and an equal
opportunity corrupter. Everyone no matter what your nationality or political
beliefs can saner and participate.

Jeez , I wish I had the time to put in a poll like Daniel
and Quico and ask my readers a few questions:

—How many Venezuelan Intelligence Police credentials have
you had in your life?

—How many National Guard credentials do you currently own?

—In your experience is it worth having them?

—How many of you know Duran, Kauffmann or Antonini?

—How many of you know a Minister, Vice-Minister, Tax
Superintendent or major Government official?

—How many of you need a credential and/or contact to make
a living in Venezuela.

—Do you consider yourself corrupt, a little corrupt or

—Have you ever had lunch with Chavez?

Who knows, you may still have time for an all expenses paid
trip to Miami courtesy of Duran’s defense and you don’t know it! And you get
your travel dollars at the official rate of exchange!

More bizarre things are already taking place, no?