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When absolute ignorance reigns in Venezuela: The $400 million dollar satellite

October 29, 2008

Today Venezuela launched the Simon Bolivar satellite. Or
did it?

Actually, today the Chinese launched a satellite called
Simon Bolivar for which the Venezuelan Government paid US$400 million to have
the Chinese build it.

Good deal for the Chinese, I Haven’t bought a
communications satellite lately, but I am sure the Chinese made a bundle
selling it and selling consulting and training going forward.

Supposedly, this satellite makes
more independent. Sure, we have an independent communications satellite,
but it gives us little independence as if we don’t pay the Chinese I am sure
they will turn everything off.

To make the scene even more bizarre, we were told by the
autocrat himself that our scientists (which ones?) will use this satellite
somehow. I guess they will make phone calls or connect to the Internet or
something like that. This contrasts with the statements by Evo Morales, who was
invited to the launch, that he hopes the satellite favors the indigenous people
of Latin America.

Jeez, this satellite is certainly quite versatile if it
will satisfy both needs. It certainly has no remote sensing capabilities.

To complete the tour of ignorance and misleading statements,
we were told that it is the Ministry of Science and Technology that runs the

Another giant step for ignorance and false advertising in

What’s next? Self sufficiency in food by buying
Argentinean farms and importing their production?