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Some special Species

October 20, 2008


This is my very special Cattleya Violacea, not only is it free flowering, but this time it sent up two shoots with ten flowers (six and four) as shown on the left. This despite the fact that we crossed it in April with Cattleya Violacea “Muse” and I removed the fruit two weeks ago. On the right a close up of the six flowers.

Above left you can see what good sahep and color thisf Violacea has. On the right a Cattleya Phalenopiss Ever Spring Light

On the left is the first flowering a Cattleya Jenmanii Kathy x Color which I bougth from Xavier Caballero. On the right is the “small” flower which is large.

Above is the second flower of the Cattleya Jenmanii above, I have placed a brand new pencil behind it so people can see how large it is. On the right is Blc. Morning Glory x Lc. Bonansa

Two pictures of the same unidentified Dendrobium. I love these.