As Supreme Court Justice praises Labor Justice in Venezuela, gross violations continue

November 9, 2008

There is a brainless Justice of the Venezuelan Supreme
Court who goes by the name of Alfonso Valbuena. The other day, this mindless
unethical Justice of the unfortunate highest Court of Venezuela gave
a speech
about the magnificent state of Labor Laws in Venezuela and
praising how under the new Organic Labor Law, 90% of Labor cases are resolved
in four months and 11% go to trial.

According to this guy, Venezuela is now at the top of
labor judicial processes in the world and this has represented a successful
judicial experience in Venezuela.

Wow, how can so much crap come out of the mouth and brain
of this leader of the Chavista judicial revolution?

Can’t he remember the more than 20,000 cases of the fired
PDVSA workers, few of which the same Courts have processed and processes he
praises with such robolutionary abandon? Does he forget that these people had their
severance, savings plans, voluntary and regular pension plans confiscated?

And you may think that this fanatical judge simply does
not care about these “enemies” of the robolution and believes in labor Justice
only for the friends of the robolution. But maybe he missed this letter from
the association of retired people of PDVSA, published last Thursday in El
Nacional, page C-4 (by subscription), where PDVSA retirees complain that not
only they have not been paid for the interest from their pension fund for 2007,
but they have not been shown the financials since 2002, when the robolution
completely took over the company.

This is what supposedly places Venezuela at the top of
Labor Justice according to Magistrate Valbuena. Every single retired PDVSA employee,
whether pro-Chavez or not, has yet to receive the interest payment from their
pension fund, managed by the new PDVSA, while the company has given no
accountability of the payments made from 2003 to 2006. 

So, these Venezuelans who worked for a minimum of 25 years
for PDVSA and many as many as 35 years, are still waiting for what is theirs,
while Justice Valbuena wastes his time giving speeches about the virtual
reality of the mindless and empty revolution he lives in.

To say nothing of the hundreds of collective bargaining
agreement shelved by Chavez just because he does not feel like signing any new
ones, putting Venezuela, despite Valbuena’s words, at the bottom of judicial
labor processes in the world.

But the country is being run fanatics or by mediocre
professionals who give speeches like that to justify their status and existence
within the revolution.

But justice will come to them one day.  People like Hugo Chavez, Rafael
Ramirez, Justice Valbuena and others will have to some day respond for their
negligence and the violation of peoples rights in the name of their

And they will call it revenge and I will call it divine justice. 

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