Notes from Venezuela’s “democracy”

November 9, 2008

in Carabobo State
: “If the opposition wins in this State, I may get the tanks

Way to go Hugo! We want the tanks out just to prove what a
sore loser and dictator you are!

in Sucre State
: I have ordered Admiral Victor Ballera to take over the
airport. “Have you realized what a traitor this character is? (Referring to the
Governor of that State and former Chavez supporter for a decade Ramon Martinez)
Chavez also threatened Martinez with jail”

Just imagine, Ramon Martinez, a socialist to the bone, Chavez
supporter for a decade, but he is in the doghouse now, he better watch his  back…

in Zulia State
: Manuel Rosales is like tumor in the body of Zulia State. “There
is a plan not recognize the PSUV’s victory.”

Jeez, it seems as his campaign reflects his thoughts. Who
is really thinking of not recognizing the loss?

—And in this oasis of freedom of speech and expression,
the El Nacional Editorial Company was not allowed to participate in the
international book fair for “lack of space”

Of course, being an opposition newspaper had very little
to do with it.

in his campaigning Chavez
orders Rosales to be jailed if he does not
recognize Di Martinos victory in Maracaibo. What will happen if Chavez does not
recognize Rosales’ inevitable victory? Can we jail him?

—Funny, the Venezuelan Government announces that it
will take over
the Las Cristinas Mine from Crystallex in order to manage
the project. But the next day, the Minister of Basic Industries and Mining says
it will be given to Russia’s Rusoro to exploit.

Well, if Obama was asking for the rule of law to be respected,
this case has violated the rule of law 
twice: The Las Cristinas mine was a concession in the hand of Vanessa
Ventures, which was taken away in 2002, by the Chavez Government, and given to
Crystallex. Vanessa ahs gone to international arbitration, as it is likely
Crystallex will, because the
company says
it has received no notice from the Government.

Hey, I think we should build a nuclear satellite with
peaceful purposes in mind just so that people know where Chavez stands!


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