8 PM, first report by the Devil

November 23, 2008

At 8 PM there are conflicts all over the place as to whether polling places should be closed or not. TV stations are shwoing both cases, centers where there are no voters and it is open or someone is trying to reopen them, or centers where the authorities want it to be shut down. Similarly, not all centers are allowing witnesses to come in which is another source of conflict.

I think is going to be a long night if you want to know all the details, in the end Chavez will say he won, unless he lost Miranda, Alcaldia Mayor and Barinas, the opposition needs all three to limit Chavez’ ability to claim victory.

If the opposition can win six to seven states plus the Alcaldia Mayor, then it can claim it gained a lot of ground and Chavez should be worried.Similarly, if the opposition loses Carabobo, Miranda or Zulia, it will be huge for Chavez. Overall, the opposition should have more votes and Chavez more states.

Will post as news comes in

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